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Canada’s Prosperity Conundrum

We are excited to announce

the upcoming virtual 21st

annual Research Money conference

3-5 May 2022

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Cybersecure Canada: Strengthening Cybersecurity of Small to Medium Organizations

Improve your competitive advantage by assuring your clientele that their information is safe with you.
March 4th, 2021

Canada’s cybersecurity certification program helps small and medium-sized organizations implement certification requirements so they can protect themselves against cyber attacks to protect their business, their clients and partners.


Learn how you can improve your competitive advantage by reassuring your customers, partners, investors and suppliers that the valuable information they provide you will be secure.

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Matthew MacNeil


Director of Standards and Technology, CIO Strategy council

Cassey Brubacher


Systems Analyst, Ontario School Boards' Insurance Exchange

Erle Higgins


Manager, CyberSecure Canada

Victor Beitner


President, Cyber Security Canada

Moderator: Jeffrey Crelinsten


Publisher and CEO, Research Money Inc.

Supercharging Canada’s Ocean Economy – Growing Canada’s Ocean Economy in a Digital, Sustainable, and Inclusive Way

Leaders from some of the Ocean Supercluster’s innovation ecosystem explore Canada’s ocean opportunity
February 18th, 2021

By 2030, the global ocean economy is expected to double in value to $3 trillion USD, outpacing the growth of the broader global economy by almost 20 per cent. As an ocean nation, Canada is well positioned to deliver on the global demand for sustainable ocean solutions with abundant ocean resources, incredible untapped potential, and some of the most innovative people on the planet.


With more than $200 million in total project value to date, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster is bringing together partners across ocean sectors from coast-to-coast-to-coast to develop and commercialize game-changing solutions and advance Canada’s position as an ocean leader.


Container Ship

Donald Grant


Executive Director, Ocean Start Up Project

Carolann Harding


Executive Director, SmartICE Sea Ice Monitoring & Information Inc.

Craig Latimer


Chief Executive Officer, Katal Energy Inc.

Niru Somayajula


President & CEO, Sensor Technology Ltd

Kendra MacDonald


CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

Moderator: Jeffrey Crelinsten


Publisher and CEO, Research Money Inc.

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