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20th Annual Conference Speakers

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Vass Bednar

Executive Director, MPP, McMaster University
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Peter Gluckman

President Elect, International Science Council
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Moderator: Sebastian Leck

Managing Editor, Research Money
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Moderator: Mark Lowey

Publisher, Managing Editor, EnviroLine

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Rhonda Barnet

President & COO, Avit Manufacturing
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Naomi Alboim

Distinguished Fellow, Queen’s University

Senior Policy Fellow, Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration Studies, Ryerson University

Marcie Hawranik

Founder & President, Canadian Equity Consulting

Moderator: Paul Dufour

Senior Fellow, University of Ottawa

Monique F. Leroux

Chair, Industry Strategy Council of Canada

Swaroop 'Kittu' Kolluri

Founder & Managing Director, Neotribe Ventures

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Steven Tobin

Executive Director, Labour Market Information Council

Moderator: Kelly Nolan


Strategic Partnerships Manager, Simon Fraser University

Mark Little

President and Chief Executive Officer, Suncor Energy Inc

Moderator: Lindsay Borthwick

Senior Correspondent, Research Money

Moderator: Mark Mann

Senior Correspondent, Research Money

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John Baker

President & CEO, D2L

Matthias Krämer

Head of Foreign Economic Policy, Federation of German Industries

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

President ad interim, European Research Council

Lynn Barr-Telford

Assistant Chief Statistician, Social, Health and Labour Statistics Field, Statistics Canada

Kerstin Bock

Co-Founder & CEO, Openers

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Guy Pearce

Chief Digital Officer & Chief Data Officer,

Dominique Gruhl-Bégin

Head of the Start-ups and Next-Generation Innovators Division, Innosuisse

Roseann O’Reilly Runte

President and CEO, Canada Foundation for Innovation

Felicity Burch

Director of Innovation and Digital, Confederation of British Industry

Irene Graham

CEO, ScaleUp Institute

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Ömer Kaya


Vice-President, Research and Business Development, Global Advantage Consulting Group Inc

Jeffrey Crelinsten


Publisher & CEO, Research Money Inc

Mitch Davies

President, National Research Council of Canada

Saskia Sivananthan

Chief Research & Knowledge Translation Officer, Alzheimer Society of Canada

Diana Rivera

Senior Economist, Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneur-ship, Ryerson University

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Dhirendra Shukla


Professor & Chair, University of New Brunswick

Moderator - Geneviève Tanguay


Vice-President, Emerging Technologies, National Research Council Canada

Roberto Alvarez


Executive Director, GFCC

Robert Asselin

Senior VP, Policy, Business Council of Canada

Moderator: Denise Amyot

President and CEO, Colleges and Institutes Canada

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AJ Tibando

Executive Director, Palette Inc.

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Noel Corriveau


Senior Counsel, INQ Law

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Trevin Stratton


chief Economist and Senior Vice President of Policy, CanadianChamber of Commerce

20th annual Conference Partners

20th partners

Silver Partners

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Bronze Partners

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Community Partners

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19th Annual Conference Speakers

19th conference speakers
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Karna Gupta
Member Board of Directors, FinDev Canada
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Jayson Myers
CEO, Next Generation Manufacturing Canada
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Dominique Gruhl-Bégin
Head of Start-Ups and Next-Generation Innovators, Member of the Executive Committee, Innosuisse
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Emmanuel Kamarianakis
Director General of Investment, Innovation and Education, Global Affairs Canada
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Eric Deschenes

Country Managing Director Head of the Electrification business, Canada, ABB
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Cara Tannenbaum


Departmental Science Advisor, Health Canada

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Andrea Johnston


ADM, Innovation Canada, ISED

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Carol Anne Hilton
Founder & CEO, The Indigenomics Institute
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David Watters
Founder & CEO, Global Advantage Consulting Group Inc
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Sue Paish
CEO, Canada's Digital Supercluster
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John Ruffolo

Founder and Managing Partner, Maverix Private Equity

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Jenn Collins


Community Strategist, Centre for Advanced Studies, IBM Canada

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Mona Nemer


Chief Science Advisor, Office of the CSA, ISED

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Julien Billot



Jasmine Pawa.png

Jasmine Pawa


President, Public Health Physicians of Canada

Andrea Matyas.png

Andrea Matyas


Director, Communications, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Dave Lisk.png

Dave Lisk


Vice President IRAP , National Research Council Canada

Marcellus Mindell.png

Marcellus Mindell


Head, Centre for Advanced Studies, IBM Canada

Moderator_ Martha Crago.png

Moderator: Martha Crago


VPRI, Chair of the Governing Council of the SSHRC, McGill University

Sherry Coutu.png

Sherry Coutu


Serial entrepreneur, investor & founder, Scaleup Institute, Founders4Schools, UK

Bill Greuel.png

Bill Greuel


CEO, Protein Industries Canada


Stéphane Lessard


Executive Director, Science, Technology and Innovation at Global Affairs Canada


Roger Scott-Douglas


Acting President, National Research Council of Canada


Laura J. Kilcrease


Chief Executive Officer, Alberta Innovates


Dana O’Born


Director of Strategic Initiatives, Council of Canadian Innovators


Alejandro Adem


President, NSERC

19th annual Conference Partners

19th conference partners

Workshop Partners

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Silver Partners

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Bronze Partners

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Community Partners

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