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We are a Canadian News Organization, with a mission to provide competitive intelligence to Canadian researchers, entrepreneurs, policy makers and funders while celebrating innovation leaders. We connect key players in the innovation ecosystem.



Our annual conferences are not to be missed. Each conference features session discussions, networking, and conversation channels.

There is something for everyone at each event, whether it be building connections through networking or learning about up and coming topics. We aim to inspire and connect you through our conferences!


Our webinars feature a live online educational presentation during which participating viewers can submit questions and comments.

Each panel of speakers is specifically curated to ensure the highest degree of information is provided. Our webinars provide an easy way to gain knowledgeable information while still being interactive. Join a webinar and access key lessons, efficiently and effectively. 


Through our workshops in partnership with IBM Centre for Advanced Studies you will collaborate with participants from government business, academia and civil society to explore deeply one or more of our designated challenges.

All that you need is a willingness to openly share your knowledge, understanding and lived experience related to the challenge. When participating in workshops you gain different perspectives and learn about new individuals while solving each challenge.

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This free trial gives you access to three free articles and signs you up for Research Money’s free e-bulletin, "Innovation This Week”, where you're kept up-to-date on the latest science, technology and innovation news. 

Image by Maxim Ilyahov
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