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19th Annual conference :
Prospering in the post- Covid economy: Building a cooperative model for success

19-21 October 2020

The 19th annual R$ conference - Prospering in the Post-COVID Economy:


Building a Cooperative Model for Success will engaged speakers and participants in a dialogue on what we’ve learned from the current crisis and how best to move forward to achieve the goal we all share: prosperity and sustainable quality of life for Canadians and the world. The resulting cross-fertilization of ideas, expertise and experience always generates fresh thinking, new connections and valuable insights that empower participants to be their best going forward after the conference.

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Conference Speakers
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Simon Edmonds


Deputy Executive Chair and Chief Business Officer, Innovate-UK. 
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Rosa Wilkinson

Communications Director, High Value Manufacturing Catapult 
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Shawn Marshall
Department Science Advisor, Environment and Climate Change Canada
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Vik Pant

Chief Science Advisor, Natural Resources Canada
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Moderator: Lissa Matyas
Vice-President of International Partnerships, Mitacs
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Michel M. Dumoulin
Vice-President Engineering, National Research Council
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Paul Snelgrove
Departmental Science Advisor, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
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Lally Rementilla
Managing Partner, IP Investments at BDC Capital
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Kendra MacDonald
CEO, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

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19th Annual Conference Platinum & Gold Partners
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